Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IA Summit in Second Life

We simulcast three sessions from the 2008 IA Summit into Second Life. Here's Andrew Hinton delivering his closing plenary
"Linkosophy." Also simulcast were Jared Spool's opening plenary "Journey to the Center of Design" and Jason Hobbs' "Hotel Yeoville."

This was pretty easy and inexpensive to do. The stream was hosted through NetroMedia, who were super helpful throughout. The cost for the three-day conference, including setup, was $300, and we didn't come near using the available bandwidth. (Actually we had a month of service we could have continued to use.) Additional bandwidth, in case of massive interest in your programming, is pretty inexpensive, too.

Technical details - quick summary:
1) I captured video and audio via an external camera and connection to the audio board, sent to my Macintosh laptop. (If you have built-in video and audio in your laptop, you could also point those at the speaker and capture that way.)

2) I encoded and sent the signal to NetroMedia using the free Quicktime Broadcaster utility (there are equivalent ones for PC).

3) As a landowner in Second Life I set the media stream there to the URL provided to me by NetroMedia, and I created a large screen on which the media would be displayed.

Post a comment or contact me via LinkedIn if you want to know more details. Other snapshots from the experiment are on Flickr. At some point this summer I'll post video excerpts from the sessions as well.

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