Tuesday, January 09, 2007

IA Exercise: Congress in SL

Here's the U.S. Capitol in Second Life -- we can tell by the ghostly dome that floats above the House / Senate floor.

After flying over the Capitol grounds I come across a park surrounded by pavillions. Landing in front of one, I see it represents the National Security agenda for the 110th Congress.

It looks like I can find out the Democratic Plan by clicking the lectern. Fascinating!

But what about other parts of the agenda? I suppose they must live in other Pavillions.

Hmm, they're really far away.

Do I really need to walk across the park in order to find out what the Democrats are planning to accomplish? There must be a better way!

IA Exercise
The metaphor is too literal for the information-rich potential of this space. But this is a beautiful park, so I don't want to see billboards. I want to understand my information options at a glance, and for it to be easy to delve deeper. As an exercise in IA for 3D spaces, first steps would include inventorying the main functions, information types, and user scenarios for this space.

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  1. Good looking blog. I agree that the information metaphor is too literal but I can only appaud the fact that an effort has been made to supply information in this way.
    I think that it may be possible that as more information is supplied via SL that new patterns for disseminating information will occur (thinking here of the way texting became a group invented language, an emergence which surprised most people)