Sunday, February 18, 2007

IA Exercise: Finding An Event Location at the Second Life Library

There are a number of in-world ways to find locations and events in Second Life. But let's say I'm a regular person. I've heard about an presentation scheduled at the Second Life Library on Info Island, and I want to find the outdoor amphitheatre.

The first thing I'd do is search for the library website and look for coordinates there. I happen to know that a "Slurl" will give me a jumppoint from the web to a location in Second Life. From the Info Island website, however, I have some difficulty finding the Slurl. But finally I do manage to get it. I find myself at the telehub.

Well, the signage and the view from the telehub has changed quite a bit since the last time I was here, many months ago. But hey, there's a reference librarian here. This is lucky -- she can just tell me where the event is being held.

However, let's imagine there is no-one at the reference desk. The signage at the telehub may tell me where the event is, but I'm having trouble interpreting all the posters. One thing I'd try is to just fly around and look for something that looks like an outdoor amphitheater.

Ah, here's one. I think I've been here before. This looks like an amphi- theater to me. But on closer inspection I see I'm on Cyberary City. I'll aim for Info Island and scan for the amphitheater. Let me check out the map -- which I can do by pulling up the map feature. This tells me I'm heading towards Info Island, so I just keep flying until I get there.

And just beyond a great big, brand new building is the Info Island amphitheater. Looks just like the other amphitheater. What a good idea! And beyond that, the telehub again.

IA Exercise
Where does the user experience start? In Second Life at the telehub? In Second Life's search feature, or at the map feature? Or before Second Life, at the website?

What should signage look like? What about live help? Should structures (like amphitheaters) resemble their functions? Can structures look really interesting and still work?

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  1. Thank you for these important observations. We are now working on signage and better navigation. If you have some ideas, please contact me. We realize people are having trouble and apologize for that.